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Valentine’s Day – The laws of the land

January 22nd, 2019

Hmm… given the purpose of the website we created, it may seem odd to say that we’re not hugely bothered about Valentine’s Day. Do we expect a gift? No, not really. Would we be pissed off if our other halves let the occasion pass us by completely? Abso-f**king-lutely!

So, we understand that (as women) we can often be guilty of sending mixed messages. Here’s some clarity of the do’s and don’t’s of Valentine’s, from our humble perspective.


If your relationship is new, this is time to make a statement of intent. It may be now that you want to consider sending a subtle gift to the workplace. We’re not talking bears in balloons, we’re saying a stylish floral creation from our friends @bloomandwild

FYI: this makes your relationship official. If you’re looking for a way out after a few dates, ignoring the occasion altogether should do it.


An extravagant dinner date is necessary. Try for @theivyrestaurantsShe’ll want to feel worthy of your time and investment if you haven’t yet stuck a ring on it.


It’s definitely time for a mini-break. Head to @mrandmrssmithfor inspo. Make the most of it now cos when kids come along, you won’t even make it to the cinema.


If you’re the kind of guy who likes to flash the cash… let the gifting commence. Our bespoke recommendations should do the trick, or browse our SHOP for our carefully vetted selections. Alternatively, get a @gousto box and have a date night at home, with candles and wine. She really will appreciate it (we would!).


The romance is not dead! Now’s the time to do something out of the ordinary. Plan a date night with a difference… a boutique cinema (book the sofa and a film SHE’LL love, not one on your list), a flying lesson, a cookery course…@virginexperiencescan offer food for thought.

Does that clear it up a bit? Oh and… a card is mandatory. End of.