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TOP TIPS FOR MEN: Staying out of the doghouse.

October 31st, 2019

Keeping out of the doghouse, and in the good books with the lady in your life is no mean feat. We blame hormones (and your incredibly selfish and thoughtless behaviour.)

Lucky for you, we’re here to make life that whole lot easier. Follow these simple instructions and you will find yourself reaping all kinds of rewards. Maximum brownie points, minimum effort, everyone’s a winner.


Get up before her in the morning and take her a beverage to bed. This is most likely to be tea or coffee, but if she’s extra high maintenance and requires some kind of freshly squeezed green juice, just do it, ok? It’s always worth starting as you mean to go on.


If she appears stressed, don’t tell her this. Simply take tasks off her hands… “I thought I’d rustle you up a zero calorie carb fest for tea – does that sound ok?” is the kind of vibe you’re after. Similarly, “I’ve stuck a white wash on and it’s hanging out to dry” will be like music to her ears.


You have to travel with work. Tell her as soon as you know. Women thrive off early information, so they have adequate time to process, accept and plan ahead to ensure there are no gaps appearing in their lives during your absence. Don’t ask her if she wants a gift from the airport. Arrange for some letterbox flowers to be delivered the day that you leave (see JUST BECAUSE for a link to buy).


When girls talk about their problems, they often don’t require solutions, they just want someone to rant to. In fact, it’s probably best if you don’t express any opinions at all. Just agree with hers. The most important thing to do is stay focused and follow the story. We understand that that in itself can be quite the task. But if you don’t listen, you will regret it.


And by things we mean birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas (although if you forget that, you really must walk round asleep). DLHD can help with this. By signing up, you will receive bespoke reminders by email, starting 4 weeks in advance of the occasion. You have three opportunities in which to ignore our prompts, and then you’re on your own.


We know this is hard. Asking exactly what she wants kind of takes the romance away. Signing up to DLHD means you get bespoke, failsafe (and fabulous) suggestions. Alternatively, just use our SHOP facility to browse all our carefully vetted gifts. You can filter by ‘likes’ and price too.


Or other attractive women. Unless they are her best friends. In which case you should be very complimentary about them. If you say anything derogatory about her besties, her sister or her mum, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to potential punishment.


Don’t use ‘she’s such a control freak’ as an excuse to not plan things. Any date night, trip away or experience planned as a surprise will go down a treat. It would still be cute if you failed and organised something rubbish, but you don’t have to run this risk, because you can follow our JUST BECAUSE link for the best ideas.


This is really very simple. If you’re going to be late, tell her. If you really feel strongly about something, tell her (for example, don’t attend an event that you don’t want to go to just to keep her happy, but be miserable and moody the whole time). Girls love to talk, so if you can jump on the chat bandwagon, things can only work out well for you.


In all senses. Even the toughest, most independent women want to feel cared for and protected. Hold her hand, stick up for her, just pick up her favourite chocolate bar on a whim from the petrol station because she deserves a treat. (But not of she’s on a massive diet. Oh no no… then you will just be accused of sabotage).

Feel free to tweet us for advice. We’re here to nurture relationships and help them survive even the toughest of times.