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This business began to satisfy a personal need in both its founders, by fulfilling a desire to achieve and work for something we believe in. We want to nurture and maintain relationships, protecting men from foolish and avoidable mistakes and stopping women from irrational outbursts about material items. We know gifts aren’t going to save the world, but we also know the positive impact that a good one can have on a tired woman at mental capacity who just wants to feel cared for.

We would love to employ women like ourselves, mums bursting with talent and ambition who are chasing a flexible and sustainable way of working. Whilst money is a motivator, it is not our sole driver and job satisfaction will win every time. To keep us on track and help us grow, we use our VISION, MISSION and VALUES.



To become the nation’s personal shopper for men when it comes to successfully gifting the ladies in their lives, connecting them to the best and most desirable products on the market.



We bring peace and happiness to couples all over the UK by representing the needs and wants of women and communicating them in a language that men can relate to.

We aim to make men’s lives easier with solutions that reward women for their everyday fabulousness, by selecting and recommending bespoke gifts and experiences. By seeking out the most lust worthy products available on the high street, we connect guys to make the perfect purchase at the right time, ensuring a key occasion is never forgotten.

We champion relationship maintenance and not just pulling it out of the bag when you have to, and so encourage a ‘just because’ mentality, showing someone you love them with actions as well as words.



FAMILY FIRST Our family is our number one priority, ahead of monetary goals and personal ambitions.

NO BULLSHIT We say what we think and we never pretend to be something we’re not. We are ambitious and yet grounded and we are not intimidated by people or brands who we may perceive to be superior to ourselves.


EYES ON THE PRIZE When times are tough we remember why we’re doing what we’re doing.

SPARKLY Work is our opportunity to be the best version of ourselves. We want to be people that others want as friends and aim to bring positivity and energy to every situation. We translate fear into fun and fight the personal battles that may hold us back.