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The Downsides of a December Birthday…

August 2nd, 2018

When I was little, I used to get my ‘main birthday present’ in August, because having a December birthday is really quite rubbish. You have to wait all year for giftage and then try to think of everything you want all in one go. Getting fun summer stuff makes no sense so it ends up being a winter coat, some new boots, a ‘nice scarf’ and some chunky knitwear.

If I was 7 I would definitely be itching for some kind of outdoor play equipment right now, or a bike / scooter or something (maybe a mermaid tail actually). But because I am 34, my equivalent wish list items are more along the lines of clothes, make-up and bags of the summer themed variety and I am annoyed that I can’t have any of them. So, I thought what would be fun, was to create a birthday wish list as if I had an August birthday and not a boring, cold December birthday. Feel free to review my gift suggestions and spontaneously purchase any of them for me just as a gift of love as opposed to a birthday or Christmas present.

Thanks in advance.

Some super glam sunglasses: loving these Tom Ford numbers for all day every day (gets cost per wear down to about £1 – winner)


A summery backpack for fun days out: this gorgeous Whistles number won’t be needed in December because it will be too cold to leave the house, or have fun of any kind


A drinking bottle: less likely to be required by December as I will drink less water. Although it can also keep mulled wine warm, so this actually is a great all year rounder


Grecian feel bracelet: now is the time to wear this iconic shade of Monica Vinader blue, against a (fake) tan on warm summery nights


Nuxe Shimmering Body Oil: much needed in times of maximum skin exposure ie. summer


A festival water proof: I need this Hunter spectacular now. Not for Christmas.