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Mother’s Day – The Gift of Time

March 7th, 2020

Guys, wondering what to do to mark Mother’s Day? The rules are different dependent on whether you’re a son or a husband and if you’re a husband, the age of your children will determine your required actions. We’ve got some simple guidelines to help you through this highly confusing occasion. Trust us, it’s not one you want to mess up on.

  • For the mother to a child / children under 5…

(as a husband or partner, you are obviously responsible for planning Mother’s Day on behalf of your offspring)

She simply wants the gift of time. Whether it’s a scheduled haircut and colour, dinner with the girls or going to the supermarket alone, the best present you can offer is guilt free time out from “Mummy… Mummy…” Oh how we miss our personal space. As much as we love those little tykes, they are all consuming and at times, highly irritating. Additional items such as flowers, candles, spa vouchers and indulgent skincare may also be required.

  • For the mother with children aged 5-12…

(as a husband or partner, you need to encourage the involvement of your children… you can’t cover for them anymore)

Ensure cards are written, breakfast in bed is delivered and flowers are purchased. We highly recommend @bloomandwild for floral delights.

  • For the mother with children aged 13-18…

(technically, your kids should know the drill now, but check to make sure they’re all over it and fund the occasion where necessary)

Homemade cards and under-par scrambled eggs are no longer gonna cut the mustard (cute factor = non-existent). Handpicked gifts to include @neom candles, @aromatherapy gifts, a pretty bracelet from @chlobo or indulgent skincare from @elemis should go down a treat.

  • For the mother with children 18+…

(you are no longer responsible for the actions of your own children, but god forbid you should forget your own mother)

We’re back to the gift of time – but now she wants you in her life. Visit, call, take her for lunch, Skype, FaceTime… do not simply send a shop bought card. Remembering the occasion and ticking the box is not enough, do not self-congratulate. She raised you, the least she deserves is your presence in some form.

WARNING:If you are both the husband to a mother of small children and a son yourself, you are bound to be exposed to some emotionally driven reaction based on where you choose to prioritise your time and energy. Tread carefully.

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