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Here’s a quick overview of how we work with a few tips along the way to help you get maximum brownie points for minimum effort.


Create your user account, using a private email that she can't access if you can. Be sure to check your junk if you don't receive your welcome email straight away - you'll need to make sure we're whitelisted, otherwise we can't help you! You tell us your key dates and we'll ask you a bit about your lady love. Be specific and ask for help if you need it.


With 4 weeks to go to your next big occasion, you'll receive your first email reminder along with our top three customised gift recommendations. Scroll through the three options, save your faves and thumb down those that don't float your boat to generate a replacement. You'll receive further reminders until you switch them off, confirming that you have made a purchase. Use your personalised dashboard if you’re feeling proactive.


 If you trust our recommendations and you like what you see, you will leave us and follow our link to visit the retailer's site directly. Buy ASAP to ensure you receive deliveries in time and avoid any potential stock issues.  Use the SHOP page to view all our carefully vetted products or to let your lady create a wishlist. Please buy using the link so we get our kickback, otherwise we’ll go out of business and you’re on your own!


 In our experience, hard work always pays off (it doesn’t matter that we did the hard bit for you!). Remember that nothing says “I love you” more than an extravagant and unnecessary gift (we’re joking!). Just make sure you don’t forget wrapping, cards and the extra special touches that make all the difference. Ready to up your game?