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What if I need to amend my contact details?

When logged in you will see a PROFILE tab appear on your menu bar. You can click in here and amend your contact details or your partner profiling information at any time. So if you split up, you can simply erase and replace. Onwards and upwards we say.

I need to turn off the email reminders... what do I do?

If you want to switch off email reminders, you're going to have to end your relationship with us. Without the ability to cue you, we simply cannot help you. You can TURN OFF REMINDERS by following the button at the base of your email, that will activate our system to terminate the remaining weekly emails for that particular occasion, but we will reactivate reminders for all future occasions. If you're sure you want to shut us up once and for all, email us at hello@dontletherdown.com and with a heavy heart, we will cancel your account. 

What if I delete my recommendations email?

All our gift suggestions are saved within your dashboard. Just go on there, choose the occasion you’re shopping for and click ‘GET ON IT.’ There you will see our top three recommendations for your review.

What if my partner already has your top three recommendations? Or I don’t want to buy any of them?

No worries. We’re good but we’re not psychic. You can go into the DIY section and browse all our highly recommended products by category, celebrity likeness or occasion. Or, if you use the 'thumbs down' icon, our super system will generate you a replacement suggestion.

I bought my gift but how will I know if it will arrive on time?

Hmm… this is a tricky one. We send you 4 weekly reminders in the run up to your occasion. If you wait until the last minute to act upon our instruction, you are playing with fire. The delivery times of our retail partners are entirely out of our control so the best thing you can do is review this upon check-out and pay for expedited delivery if you need to.

I listened, I bought but she already has it. What do I do now?

Don’t worry - we tried! Even with the best will in the world, we can’t control if something doesn’t fit, or if she already has one of our top picks. Just return to the retailer as you would with any form of online shopping and if you want to give us any specific feedback, you can reach out to us on social media or by email hello@dontletherdown.com


If you would like us to represent your brand, or you want to work with us in other ways, feel free to get in touch with us by email: