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Couple Goals… our Top 5

October 15th, 2018

Everyone’s talking about Couple Goals … but the reality of celebrity relationships are likely a million miles from the picture perfect impression we see on social media. Gifts aside, our own marriages definitely have room for improvement, and we’ve been daydreaming about whose we want ours to be like. We’ve spent a considerable amount of time debating our choices (scrolling Instagram, obvs) and we have confirmed our top 5.

5) In at number 5 are Posh ‘n’ Becks – based on visuals alone. Man, they look good, and all their offspring. Take out the infidelity rumours and we reckon they have married life nailed.

4) Gemma and Gorka keep capturing our attention. We all love an underdog and it seems like Gemma looked long and hard for him. Their normality melts our hearts but they’re not quite top spot worthy.

3) Harry and Meghan are taking the number 3 spot because of the love gaze… it’s too cute. Let’s see if they can keep it up once there’s a small person in the mix.

2) Stacey (Soloman) and Joe (Swash)… he adores her and she deserves it because she comes across 100% authentic, bags of fun and a total sweetie. There aint many celebs who post no make-up shots on the regs. We’d double date with them any day.

1) Honestly? There’s really no competition for the top spot. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are clear winners because:

  • He can sing that well throughout normal life and that’s dreamy.
  • She’s totally gorgeous in a natural way.
  • Their kids are too cute.
  • They look like they have fun.
  • They appear to be balancing their careers, family life and personal time perfectly. It could all be an illusion but we’re sold.

Chrissy and John, please can we be you?

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