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A Year of Dates

October 8th, 2018

We all know how important ‘date night’ is. When you’re busy living separate lives, it’s really important to put time aside for each other. From experience, it’s worse once you have kids (cos you literally never have time for a conversation and then when you do find it, you are so knackered you can’t be arsed to speak to each other and resort to watching pointless a Netflix Original series instead), but even when you’re both just super busy at work, date night is the key to relationship maintenance.

Trouble is… you don’t have the spare cash to spend going out, you can’t get a babysitter, you just can’t be bothered to dress appropriately to leave the house past 5pm or you’re fresh out of ideas.

Well… the answer is here.

A Year of Dates is an incredibly cool concept: 52 little envelopes, a dice to help drive decisions (without falling out about it) and a 7-day window in which to fulfil your dating mission. Amongst a whole lot of ideas (some are cheap as chips, some can be done in PJs and others will need a little more time and investment) there are 5 blank cards, so there’s a lot of space to be creative.

The massive benefit is, if it’s in print, it happens right?

We’re guilty of putting our relationships as the last priority on our list. And our gifting website is all about how men just don’t give women the time, thought and attention they feel like they need. So we’re holding our hands up and purchasing this gift for the hubby’s birthday. You can expect more reports back on our successful date nights from hereon in. Thanks A Year of Dates, for putting the romance back into relationships.

If you fancy giving it a try, our friends over at A Year of Dates have given us an exclusive discount code of 10% off. Just enter DLHD10 at checkout.